About us

The designer

Jerome Einbinder is an architect, graduate of Paris-Val-de-Seine Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture. His career path led him on all sizes projects : from micro to macro. From jewel design or piece of furniture to big housings and office projects, his need for creativity is huge.

Designing and creating men jewelry is a way for him to apply formal concepts of modern architecture. Admirer of Bauhaus school theories, Jérôme Einbinder claims refined creations made from elementary geometry alphabet in“Le Moderne” design.

Brand’s history

The 3 founding partners are Melanie Marques, Charles Beneteau and Jérôme Einbinder. Their common thread is the finest sense for beautiful things, and a loving care for details.

Realizing that there were not a lot of choices in jewelry for male consumers, they decided to create “Le Moderne” to offer an alternative on the market with original creations for men who crave for sobriety, quality and timeless pieces.