100% french conception

Research and development

Le Moderne offers high quality piece of jewelry with exclusive solid silver finishes, coming from long research and development phases led in close partnership with its craftsmen.

Design drawing

Each piece of jewellery is an original creation that has been previously imagined and entirely 3D conceived.

3D modelling enables the designer to work precisely and immediately what he has in mind.

It also allows to experiment on the research of geometrical shapes.

3D prototype

Each creation is first 3D conceived, then printed in plastic in real size.

These mockups are used as prototypes that help to complete the design before the launch of fabrication.

Fabrication technic

The exact reproduction of the previously conceived shape in 3D can only be obtained by lost wax foundry.

This traditional technic that demands skills and expertise is used by specialist craftsmen in a workshop based in south of France.

Ten fabrication steps and several days of work are necessary to obtain the final piece of creation.