Le Moderne is inspired by minimalist aesthetics of the 20’s modern architecture.

Its identity is characterized by a formal refined research and an assumed geometric design.

Using contemporary skills for the conception and an ancestral know-how for the fabrication, Le Moderne is intented to be timeless.


Each piece is an original creation which can be identified by its stamp representing the cuff’s pattern.

Le Moderne creations are entirely artisanal manufactured and handmade finished, making each piece totally unique.

A diamond shaped hallmark is affixed on each piece, certifying the french fabrication origin.

Unique luxury cases

Le Moderne pays the strictest attention to the luxury cases for their exclusive creations.

The solid silver cuffs are delivered in an authentic packaging, original and long lasting.

Made up of two parts : a recycled foam and a concrete shell. This luxury case is more than just a packaging, it’s a display that enhances the jewel when not worn.